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Impact Boom helps people and organisations unleash their greatest potential to create positive social impact. We work across the ecosystem to create the right conditions, resources, tools and programs to help people tackle social and environmental challenges, changing the world for the better.

Impact Boom is a social enterprise focused on the support and development of social enterprise globally. We work from across Australia and the globe with a growing team of Contributing Editors based in Brisbane, Melbourne, London, Barcelona, Munich and San Francisco.

Each week, on the podcast and blog, Impact Boom interviews global leaders, providing the latest insights and resources to tackle complex problems. We will continue to provide knowledge and mainstream awareness to grow the movement.

We provide direct support to effectively develop and scale social enterprises via the comprehensive Elevate+ Social Enterprise Accelerator Program, events and workshops.

In past years, the Australian government has called for an ‘ideas boom’, investing heavily in the creation of an innovation ecosystem. Whilst we recognise and value the growing commitment, we believe it’s time to move from the ‘ideas boom’ to the ‘impact boom’. A range of factors commonly stand in the way of an individual or organisation successfully turning their ideas into positive impact, but we’re here to help.

Our vision is for a healthy, sustainable, inclusive and fair world where people and planet thrive.

Our mission for the next 5 years is to grow the social enterprise sector globally, with a core focus on Oceania.

Our main goals are to:

  • Provide communities with the knowledge, skills, support and mindsets to pursue social enterprise as a viable way to tackle community issues.

  • Create mainstream awareness of social enterprise, building a movement which sees stronger investment and support.

  • Take a whole of system approach, helping develop and improve social enterprise policy.

The team


Tom Allen
Founder & CEO

Tom Allen loves stepping outside of his comfort zone to take on new challenges that create positive change. As a design strategist, social entrepreneur and educator, Tom's passion lies in creating projects, initiatives and programs which empower people to tackle complex social and environmental issues. 


rachel stevens
Contributing Editor

Rachel Stevens is passionate about meeting and working with others who share a mutual drive for creating positive social impact. As a keen traveller, explorer and curious design student at QUT, Rachel is currently a design intern at BMW, Munich and is researching European impact initiatives.


Nikoline Arns
Contributing Editor

Nikoline Arns is a cross-disciplinary designer from the Netherlands. She creates visual identities for inspiring people and startups to tell their story to the world. Nikoline is based in Barcelona, runs a great co-working space and is passionate about projects which positively impact the local community.


Mike Lepre
Contributing Editor

Mike Lepre is a designer & social entrepreneur (Elevate+ Alumni) who is passionate about utilising design to create social impact. Mike founded Bertonni in 2018, a social enterprise that creates meaningful employment for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, through the design and manufacture of timeless and elegant porcelain products.


Gary Fawdrey
Contributing Editor

Gary Fawdrey is a social innovation practitioner and coach. He is based at Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, where he organises the European Social Innovation Competition. He is passionate about empowering those with lived experience of social problems to take the lead in developing solutions.


Mikaela Stephens
Contributing Editor

Mikaela Stephens is a healthcare designer based in Melbourne, specialising in human-centred and systems design. Tailoring her design education to support a passion in health, Mikaela is now gaining rapid experience and promotes implementation of socially sustainable and innovative design in an evolving industry. 


Alejandra Carrau
Marketing & Engagement Coordinator

Alejandra believes in the power of people and their empathy to solve today's most pressing challenges. Thanks to her experience supporting small businesses and startups in Europe, she believes the best way to create positive impact is by empowering people in their pursuit of change.


Amedeo Watson
Contributing Editor

Amedeo Watson is passionate about the power of business to create positive impact. Having worked in social enterprise support organisations in Europe, he believes social entrepreneurship has a unique ability to create both comprehensive solutions and competitive businesses, while recognising the challenges of communicating vision and  defining impact.


Thomas Long
Contributing Editor

Tom is a designer with a passion for creating sustainable products and systems with meaningful experiences and outcomes. He uses design thinking to create positive social impact, by mapping out and understanding user needs, and matching them with environmentally and socially sustainable solutions.

Former Contributing Editors:

Michael Keller

Natana Mayer

Olivia Roney

Our Impact

As a social enterprise, Impact Boom believes knowledge and education are the keys to healthier communities and a better world.

To date, we’ve published over 160 free-to-access articles, sharing the knowledge and insights of 250+ global leaders in social enterprise and innovation.

Impact Boom works with disadvantaged community members to provide opportunities for positive change. For every place filled on our Elevate+ Program, we provide one spot for a community member to participate in a hands-on entrepreneurship and creativity workshop.

Alongside each round of the Elevate+ Accelerator, Impact Boom has committed to providing a creativity and entrepreneurship workshop with disadvantaged community members.


The world has plenty of ideas, people and resources (although some are fast running out).

What the world needs is an impact boom.