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On the blog and podcast, Impact Boom interviews world-leading practitioners, social entrepreneurs, academia, innovators, thinkers and doers in fields such as design, social innovation, social enterprise and education. As long as these leaders are focussing their efforts on creating positive social and environmental change, we'll make sure you hear about it.

The team


Tom Allen
Founder & CEO

Tom Allen loves stepping outside of his comfort zone to take on new challenges that create positive change. As a design strategist at VII+, social entrepreneur and educator, Tom's passion lies in creating projects, initiatives and programs which empower people to tackle complex social and environmental issues. 


rachel stevens
Contributing Editor

Rachel Stevens is passionate about meeting and working with others who share a mutual drive for creating positive social impact. As a keen traveller, explorer and curious design student at QUT, Rachel is currently on exchange at TU Delft and is researching European impact initiatives.


Nikoline Arns
Contributing Editor

Nikoline Arns is a cross-disciplinary designer from the Netherlands. She creates visual identities for inspiring people and startups to tell their story to the world. Nikoline is based in Barcelona, runs a great co-working space and is passionate about projects which positively impact the local community.

Our Impact

As a social enterprise ourselves, Impact Boom believes knowledge and education are the keys to healthier communities and a better world.

Impact Boom works with disadvantaged community members to provide opportunities for positive change. For every place filled on our Elevate+ Program, we provide one spot for a community member to participate in a hands-on entrepreneurship and creativity workshop.

Alongside the first round of the Elevate+ Program, in order to help close the education gap, Impact Boom has committed to providing a creativity and innovation workshop for 25 Indigenous Australians alongside our collaborators Barayamal.


The world has plenty of ideas, people and resources (although some are fast running out).

What the world needs is an impact boom.


Impact Boom is a Seven Positive initiative.