Impact Boom’s 14 Most Popular Articles & Podcasts From Global Changemakers In 2018

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Yesterday we jumped aboard a bus filled with high potential enterprises, Elevate+ Alumni, purpose-led founders, social business leaders and people doing great things in the community, government and academia.

The Brisbane Social Enterprise Tour was an initiative of Impact Boom, together with the support of the Yunus Social Business Centre ( Griffith University). Throughout the day, we learnt about the Brisbane Social Enterprise ecosystem from some of the most inspirational social enterprises: Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative, Elevate+ Alumni Vessel Nundah and Bertonni, Brisbane Tool Library, Food Connect Brisbane and Substation33. The result? 8 hours of learning, sharing stories & networking. Thanks to everyone who made the Social Enterprise Tour possible, and a special thank you to: Richard Warner, Marion Glover, Mike Lepre, Blackcard Cultural Tours, Sabrina Chakori, Emma-Kate Rose, Robert Pekin, Queensland Social Enterprise Council, Ingrid Burkett, Max Noble, Tony Sharp, our Griffith University partners and Celeste Alcaraz for helping with the event organisation.




Luke Terry On Getting Funded, Creating Change & Measuring Impact As A Social Entrepreneur

Luke shares key insights from his journey founding some of Australia's leading social enterprises, provides strong tips for entrepreneurs & suggestions for government to improve support of the social sector.


Helen Andrew On Minimising Waste & Establishing A Social Enterprise In The Sharing Economy

Helen shares her experience in the value of building connections in communities, discusses the potential of the sharing economy and talks about the key traits of successful social entrepreneurs.


Leah Heiss On How Human Centred Design Methodology Can Create Social Impact

Leah discusses the power of prototyping, shares tips on communicating within interdisciplinary teams, and key insights into the future wearable technology may have in creating positive social impact.


Jaison Hoernel On Social Enterprise & Giving Others Tools To Create Their Own Impact

Jaison discusses how bikes are being used to change lives, provides tips for social entrepreneurs and discusses how momentum is building in the Australian social enterprise space.


40 Key Highlights & Insights From Speakers & Delegates At The Social Enterprise World Forum In Edinburgh

Impact Boom were proud media partners at the 2018 Social Enterprise World Forum. We were there to capture the key highlights from 40 speakers and delegates from around the globe.


Caleb Rixon On The Thing That Changed Everything

Caleb talks about his stroke at 23 and how he has used storytelling as a foundation to connect and empower other survivors.


Robbie Semple on Social Impact Careers & Scaling Social Enterprises

Robbie shares useful insights on the realities of starting and scaling social enterprises, as well as transitioning into social impact work more broadly.


Matiu Bush On How Human Centred Design Can Positively Impact The Health & Aged Care Industries

Matiu shares strong insights on life and death, discussing areas of opportunity to deliver positive outcomes which create real change.


Regional Social Enterprise Ecosystems; Cohesive & Collaborative Models To Create Change

On October 25th 2018, the Sunshine Coast Social Enterprise Forum was held with 200 attendees representing a broad range of sectors, local and state government. Impact Boom proudly supported the forum and hosted a panel discussion with some of Queensland’s leading social enterprise ecosystem builders. So how might we best create positive social change in the regions?

Alex Hannant, Davinia Nieper, Emma-Kate Rose and Tony Sharp shared key insights and experience during a lively panel discussion moderated by Tom Allen whilst the audience participated with some great questions.


Dr Ingrid Burkett On Using A Systemic Lens To Unlock Barriers For Change

Ingrid discusses ways to create systemic change in some of Australia's most disadvantaged communities, shares thoughts on co-design and key skills required for both individuals and governments to effectively create social innovation.


Prof. Jo Barraket On What You Need To Know To Help Social Enterprise Thrive & Create Positive Change

Jo provides strong insights from over 20 years experience as Australia's premier researcher in Social Enterprise. Jo shares excellent opportunities for impact entrepreneurs, government and the Not-for-profit sector in order for them to create sustainable change.


Charlie Shread & Marianne Osório On Humanising Education Systems That Value Participation

Marianne and Charlie discuss how schools may become places which democratise decision making, focussing on abilities, strengths and critical thinking whilst creating environments which value lifelong learning.


Yasmin Grigaliunas On Human Connection & Accelerating Your Impact As An Entrepreneur

Yasmin shares insights about leading a profit for purpose organisation, with an emphasis on the importance of human connection and putting people first, which then sees profits follow.


The Hon. Shannon Fentiman MP On How State Government Is Growing The Social Enterprise Ecosystem In Queensland

Minister Fentiman talks about the strong grassroots social enterprise movement in Queensland and how government is creating a Social Enterprise Strategy to help support the sector and ultimately make a difference in the lives of vulnerable Queensland families.


Impact Boom would like to thank…

  • Our wonderful community of interviewees, listeners, readers and subscribers for your endless support, lovely comments, emails of gratitude and the hard work many of you are doing to create positive change.

  • Tom Allen would like to thank our incredible team of Contributing Editors, who consistently work with passion, goodwill and enthusiasm to help bring these insights to you. Impact Boom would not be what it is without our wonderful team. Check out their profiles!

  • Everyone who has consistently supported us on this journey, many of whom are great colleagues leading the social enterprise movement in Australia and beyond, including fellow members of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council.

  • Our passionate Elevate+ Alumni, who day in, day out, work hard to create a better world.


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