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Susan Aktemel On Advice & Tips To Help Social Entrepreneurs Succeed.

On Episode 93 of Impact Boom, Susan Aktemel of Homes For Good provides insights into the key factors which created a thriving social enterprise environment in Scotland, shares tips on getting finance and talks about how to create a positive and collaborative work environment.

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Dr Ingrid Burkett On Using A Systemic Lens To Unlock Barriers For Change

On Episode 65 of Impact Boom, Ingrid Burkett of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation discusses ways to create systemic change in some of Australia's most disadvantaged communities, shares thoughts on co-design and key skills required for both individuals and governments to effectively create social innovation.

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Peter Holbrook On The Underpinnings Of Effective Social Enterprise Ecosystems & Social Entrepreneurs

On Episode 45 of Impact Boom, Peter Holbrook of Social Enterprise UK, unpacks the social enterprise ecosystem, providing strong insights into both the UK and global sector. He discusses shifts in the market, common reasons why social entrepreneurs fail and other lessons learnt to create positive social impact.

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