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Jennifer Bishop On How Corporates, NGOs & Social Enterprises Are Working Together To Create Positive Change

On Episode 143 of Impact Boom, Jennifer Bishop of Resonate Consulting and VSO shares her experience in creating positive partnerships between different sectors and discusses typical challenges for social entrepreneurs and those working in the international development space.

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Andrea Gamson On Transitioning From The Corporate Sector To Becoming A Social Enterprise Consultant

On Episode 133 of Impact Boom, Andrea shares her experience after founding _SocialStarters, which enables corporate professionals to volunteer their time as social enterprise consultants, after making this transition herself. Andrea also manages the Serious Impact incubator in East London, and provides us with insights for social entrepreneurs.

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Roger Warnock On How To Best Empower Communities Through Social Innovation

On Episode 48 of Impact Boom, Roger Warnock of Social Nybble shares key insights into effective social innovation processes, including The Young Foundation's 'tread lightly, listen deeply' model of engagement. He discusses shared value, important traits of inclusive leaders and talks about how cultures of fear within organisations can stop great innovation opportunities.

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