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Dr. Ruth Knight On The Year Of Accountability, Measuring Outcomes & Asking The Right Questions

On Episode 179 of Impact Boom, Dr. Ruth Knight of QUT’s Australian Centre For Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies discusses the importance of building trust as a social entrepreneur, whilst highlighting how empathy can help organisations (and our younger generations) to create stronger impact.

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Dr. Narayan Gopalkrishnan On The Growing Opportunities For Social Enterprise In Far North Queensland

On Episode 174 of Impact Boom, Dr. Narayan Gopalkrishnan of James Cook University discusses the growing momentum of social entrepreneurship in Queensland, as a strong way to tackle some of our pressing social and environmental issues, as well as providing insights to help the sector develop further.

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Professor Michael Roy On What Social Enterprises Need To Succeed

On Episode 154 of Impact Boom, Professor Michael Roy of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health, Glasgow Caledonian University, shares key traits commonly seen in successful social entrepreneurs, he discusses common points of failure and provides insights into what we might learn from some of the leading social enterprise nations.

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