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Rona Glynn-McDonald On Indigenous Business, Finding Common Ground & Bridging The Education Gap

On Episode 187 of Impact Boom, Rona Glynn-McDonald of Common Ground and YLab provides rich insights into First Nations culture, sharing her views on better approaches to create social change with Indigenous communities, and the multitude of ways you can make positive impact as a social entrepreneur or changemaker.

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Ranjan Rajagopal On The Challenges & Opportunities For Employment-Focussed Social Enterprises

On Episode 152 of Impact Boom, Ranjan Rajagopal of Cape York Partnership and Bama Services discusses some of the core challenges for Indigenous business in Australia and provides insights into opportunities for social entrepreneurs and government, whilst reflecting on what could be improved.

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Accelerating Indigenous Entrepreneurship: First Nations Leadership For Positive Social Impact

On February 4th, Impact Boom hosted the First Nations Impact Entrepreneurship Experience, bringing together Indigenous Australians for a workshop, networking and informative discussion on Indigenous business in Queensland and more broadly in Australia. The panel conversation and audience Q&A focussed on ‘Accelerating Indigenous Entrepreneurship’ with the aim of advancing the conversation forward.

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