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Bete Demeke On The Five Essential Components For Rural Community Development

On Episode 192 of Impact Boom, Bete Demeke of Project Mercy shares insights from setting up and running a range of Projects in Ethiopia to improve health and respond to community needs, whilst discussing the shift that is taking place in the nonprofit sector.

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Claire Carpenter On How To Build A Coworking Business & Communities That Enable Social Change

On Episode 157 of Impact Boom, Claire Carpenter of The Melting Pot and Coworking Accelerator discusses how to develop and grow coworking spaces that nurture community and generate impact and provides deep insights for social entrepreneurs looking to develop their social enterprise whilst ensuring they keep their health in check.

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Suzi Woodrow-Read & Ruth Toomey On Engaging Communities & Dealing With Complexity When Tackling Social Issues

On Episode 52 of Impact Boom, Suzi Woodrow-Read and Ruth Toomey of the Queensland Public Service Commission discuss solving complex, ambiguous, multi-stakeholder problems with co-design and other participatory methods. They share strong insights into identifying problems before jumping to solutions and the future of policy development.

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