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Accelerating Indigenous Entrepreneurship: First Nations Leadership For Positive Social Impact

On February 4th, Impact Boom hosted the First Nations Impact Entrepreneurship Experience, bringing together Indigenous Australians for a workshop, networking and informative discussion on Indigenous business in Queensland and more broadly in Australia. The panel conversation and audience Q&A focussed on ‘Accelerating Indigenous Entrepreneurship’ with the aim of advancing the conversation forward.

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Igniting Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the Regional Communities of Queensland

On October 26th, the Logan Social enterprise Forum was held, bringing together key stakeholders to share ideas and experience, network and discuss the future of social enterprise in Queensland and more broadly in Australia. Impact Boom hosted a great panel which local and national leaders, with the aim of advancing forward conversation, ideas and the sector.

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Matt Pfahlert On The Best Approach For Organisations, Entrepreneurs & Government To Create Sustainable Change

On Episode 76 of Impact Boom, Matt Pfahlert of the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship shares important characteristics of communities which are generating positive social impact, discusses key traits of successful social entrepreneurs & provides areas of opportunity for government & organisations to activate positive change.

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