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Melita & Jonathan Shirley On How Breastfeeding Activewear is Empowering Mothers & Balancing Startup Life With A Family

On Episode 81 of Impact Boom, Melita and Jonny Shirley of Mammojo tell us how a spate of unlucky (or lucky?) events lead them to starting their social enterprise, they share key tips for entrepreneurs and those who are thinking about starting a business & discuss why Mammojo was built to help new mothers.

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Luise Grossmann On Creating Social & Environmental Impact As An Entrepreneur

On Episode 5 of Impact Boom, Luise Grossmann, Co-Founder of Five Oceans and the world's first surfboard fin made from ocean waste shares her experience as an entrepreneur. She provides insights into how to tackle problems, crowdfunding, useful tools and other inspirational impact initiatives.

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