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Sabrina Chakori On Redesigning The Economy With Sharing & Circular Economy Models

On Episode 123 of Impact Boom, Sabrina Chakori discusses a practical response to the sharing economy, explaining her experience in building the Brisbane Tool Library (based at State Library of Queensland), and talks about how the ‘circular economy’ has become a mainstream term, sometimes misused, and points us to where we should be focussing…

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Improving Micro-Volunteering; Key Factors For Your Social Enterprise To Consider

What factors would come into play if you were to explore introducing micro-volunteering successfully in your social enterprise? In this guest blog post, Elevate+ Alumni, Michael Mersiades of Chatloop, takes a look at five factors that might be contributing to his social enterprise’s high volunteer retention rates.

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Melita & Jonathan Shirley On How Breastfeeding Activewear is Empowering Mothers & Balancing Startup Life With A Family

On Episode 81 of Impact Boom, Melita and Jonny Shirley of Mammojo tell us how a spate of unlucky (or lucky?) events lead them to starting their social enterprise, they share key tips for entrepreneurs and those who are thinking about starting a business & discuss why Mammojo was built to help new mothers.

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