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Richard Warner & Michael Cherry On The Creative Tension Between Participation & Production In Co-operatives

On Episode 54 of Impact Boom, Richard Warner and Michael Cherry of NCEC discuss their experience and insights in working at one of Australia's first modern social enterprises. Michael shares how positive the experience has been for him as someone with a disability and Richard talks about social procurement and the growing social enterprise sector.

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Jordi Gusi On The Shifting Balance Of Power In Social Innovation

On Episode 51 of Impact Boom, Jordi Gusi of Tandem Social shares key insights into the social innovation sector, particularly in Spain, explaining the difference between social entrepreneurship, co-operatives and the creation of social impact. Jordi discusses the importance of integrating communities and involving all the stakeholders throughout projects.

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Robert Pekin & Emma-Kate Rose On Cultivating Community Driven Social Enterprise

On Episode 24 of Impact Boom, Rob and Emma-Kate share valuable insights, experience and lessons on starting, growing and sustaining community driven social enterprises which look to create systemic change and tackle issues at their root cause.

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