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Sabrina Chakori On Redesigning The Economy With Sharing & Circular Economy Models

On Episode 123 of Impact Boom, Sabrina Chakori discusses a practical response to the sharing economy, explaining her experience in building the Brisbane Tool Library (based at State Library of Queensland), and talks about how the ‘circular economy’ has become a mainstream term, sometimes misused, and points us to where we should be focussing…

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Emma van der Leest On Design, Social Impact And The Circular Economy

On Episode 43 of Impact Boom, Emma van der Leest of BlueCity discusses transitioning to a circular economy, provides tips on taking action as a designer, shares insights on combining science and design as a bio-designer and talks about opportunities for design students. 

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Jeroen Beekmans On Pop Up Social Impact Initiatives & Innovation In Cities

On Episode 10 of Impact Boom, Jeroen Beekmans discusses a variety of interesting city initiatives that have taken place in the Netherlands to create positive social impact. He shares insights into activating city spaces, funding, running Pecha Kucha, concerns he has for Amsterdam, as well as an exciting ’sharing economy’ apartment project Pop-Up City has in the pipeline.

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